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      走進灌小丨5.12防災減災主題活動 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Drill

      發表時間:2022-5-13 15:38:22 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:余曉紅


            May 12, 2022 is the 14th National disaster prevention and mitigation day. Fourteen years ago, a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, which brought great disasters to the whole of China.


            Although the disaster is far away, the spirit of unity and disaster relief remains in the hearts of the Chinese people. In order to improve students' safety awareness and train their skills in disaster prevention and reduction, our school has carried out a series of activities with the theme of disaster prevention and mitigation.


      On May 11, our school invited Mo Nan from Dujiangyan Emergency Management Bureau as a special teacher to give a special lecture on disaster prevention and mitigation to Class 1, Grade 3, and invited two members of the professional rescue team to guide the students to carry out emergency evacuation drills.


            On the morning of May 12, each class held a thematic class meeting. The head teacher gave regular education to the students and explained the importance of life safety and disaster rehearsal.


            At 10:05, the alarm sounded and the disaster prevention and mitigation evacuation drill officially began. All teachers and students obeyed the command, acted quickly, and arrived at the designated place orderly and quickly.Director Ye summarized the drill and spoke highly of the serious command of teachers and the active cooperation of students.

            防災、減災能力,是保障學生、教師生命財產安全的重要部分,學習防災減災知識,進行防災減災實踐,能夠切實有效地提高孩子們在面臨各種災害時的自保、自救能力。      The ability of disaster prevention and mitigation is an important part of ensuring the safety of students and teachers' lives and property. The drill can effectively improve children's self-protection and self rescue ability in the face of various disasters

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:余曉紅
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