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      灌小動態丨我校開展四月視導工作 Supervision in April

      發表時間:2022-4-19 15:44:24 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:余曉紅


            Under the "double reduction", in order to further improve the teaching quality and implement the "eight serious" of education and teaching, our school carried out the collective inspection and guidance work on April 14.The teachers involved in this inspection and guidance work have an in-depth understanding of students' normal classroom, homework design, civilized break between classes, morning exercise and class routine.


            The object of thisinspection and guidance workis grade 4, from the first class in the morning to the end of the third class.All the supervising teachers were divided into six groups and entered different classes.Each teacher comprehensively evaluated the class status, class management and other dimensions.


            Teachers in class and visual supervising teachers actively communicated to improve their own education, teaching and class management methods.


            Classroom teaching is the lifeline of education, and recess activities are the mirror of school spirit. We will continue to strive to improve our school's classroom teaching level and let students do civilized recess activities.

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:余曉紅
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