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      “雙減”進行時—色彩斑斕的英語 Colorful English

      發表時間:2021-12-13 08:49:36 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰稿:英語組


      ○ Colorful English


            The double reduction policy not only relieves students of a certain degree of academic burden, but also makes homework more effective,helps students improve their knowledge understanding and memory skills, and allows them to continuously gain self-confidence, happiness, and accomplishment in the process of English learning.


            So, we have designed a variety of English homework for children, let’s take a look at our homework display!


      一年級篇 Grade One

      Colorful English


            The children learned the English expression of colors, and they brought their colorful paintings to explain to their friends in English.


      二年級篇 Grade Two

      Colorful English


            The children in the second grade drew a poster about their day. Some students drew their colorful campus life; some students described their weekend activities; some students introduced their daily life at home! Come and watch!


      三年級篇 Grade Three

      TColorful English


            The children were full of interest, all sitting upright, holding pens steadily, and writing clean and beautiful and generous. Come and enjoy!


      四年級篇 Grade Four

      Colorful English


            The children combined their knowledge of English to make posters with pictures and texts, some introduced their favorite sports; some made vocabulary books according to the rules of pronunciation; some recorded rescue situations or safety situations encountered in life. Come and listen to their introduction!


      五年級篇 Grade Five

      Colorful English


            Let the children walked into the animal world, to understand the feelings between humans and animals, explore the characteristics and living habits of animals, grasp the characteristics of animals, and then used the knowledge they have learned to describe the little animals they like. Come take a look at our little animals!


      六年級篇 Grade Six

      TColorful English

            孩子們圍繞“Winter Vacation”,制定寒假計劃。通過寫作,學生進行多元化的、真實的自我表達,習慣英語語言思維,促進對語言的理解。

            The children made winter vacation plans. Through writing, students carried out diversified and true self-expression, got used to English language thinking, and promoted their understanding of language.

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰稿:英語組
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