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      積極心理品質培養,我們在行動 【學生篇】 Cultivation of Psychological Quality

      發表時間:2021-12-3 19:52:19 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰寫:白柯,翻譯:謝雨含


            Dear students, thank you for your active participation and enthusiastic speech in psychology class, which makes Teacher Xiao Bai feel very happy and happy.


            I also want my children to be a positive, optimistic and happy person.

            因此,小白老師有話要說:Therefore, Miss Bai has something to say:

            (1)不管別人有多優秀,都不影響你成為更好的自己。 No matter how good someone else is, it doesn't stop you from becoming a better version of yourself.

            (2)不論別人說什么,能定義你的只有你自己。  No matter what anyone says, the only one who defines you is you.

            (3)有些孩子很容易交到朋友,有些孩子不需要那么多朋友,你們都獨一無二。Some kids make friends easily, some kids don't need as many friends, you're all unique.

            (4)有些朋友走著走著就散了,不要擔心,或許只是不合適。Some friends just walk away. Don't worry. It may just not be right.

            (5)有時候會因為困難想退縮,那就退幾步,再鼓一口氣使勁往前沖。Sometimes because of difficulties want to shrink back, it is a few steps back, and then drum hard forward.

            (6)如果你感到陷入困境,試著往前走幾步,再走幾步,總能走出去。If you feel stuck, try taking a few steps forward, a few more, and you'll always get out.

            (7)難過的時候,可以哭,哭完繼續前行呀!紙巾和我都在心語小屋等你。Sad, you can cry, cry and move on! Napkins and I are waiting for you at the Whisper shack.

            8)當你和我分享秘密時,也許我的反應不是你想看到的,請多多關照。 When you and I share a secret, maybe my reaction is not what you want to see, please take care of a lot.

            (9)如果別人惡意招惹你,直接表明態度,及時告訴信任的人,保護好自己。If someone is trying to bully you, speak up, tell someone you trust, and protect yourself.

            (10)失敗時給自己擁抱,謝謝曾經的努力,然后總結經驗繼續加油。When you fail, give yourself a hug, thank you for your efforts, and learn from your experience to keep going.


            Even if no one understands you, please remember that we love you.

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰寫:白柯,翻譯:謝雨含
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