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      年段診斷會,助力“雙減”増質 Teaching diagnosis Conference

      發表時間:2021-11-29 20:07:25 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰稿:向榮麗,翻譯:陳亞男


            On November 22 and 25, our school held phased diagnosis meetings for grade 3 and grade 4 education and teaching respectively.


            Grade three and four is a turning point in primary school. Children have made great changes in psychology, cognition and habits.


            The meeting invited teachers of teaching administration and mental health to participate, and made a comprehensive analysis from the aspects of students' psychology, classroom behavior, homework completion, behavior habits and so on.


            Middle age is the best time to cultivate learning ability, emotional ability, willpower and learning habits. We should give help and education in combination with our children's characteristics to help them grow into a diligent and progressive teenager.  


            Under the "double reduction", we pay more attention to the development of children's mental health and comprehensive literacy. This meeting aims to help the "double reduction".

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰稿:向榮麗,翻譯:陳亞男
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