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      一年級教研組剪影 The Teaching Research Group of Grade 1

      發表時間:2021-11-1 21:08:00 來源:灌州小學 編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:程小彬


            Research and learning are at the right time. In order to improve quality and efficiency, and implement the "double reduction", every teacher in our first grade is carefully grinding and forging growth.


            We are teachers in grade 1, we speak for ourselves.

            課堂上,激情四射,為學生授業解惑,便是我們的責任。It is our responsibility to be passionate and teach students to solve their puzzles in class.


            It is our mission to learn, teach, and make continuous progress.


            Every teacher is growing. I believe that every teacher in the first grade group will live up to expectations and hold up the sun tomorrow. The road to teaching and research is endless! In October, we start here. In the future, we look forward to more exciting!

      來源:灌州小學  編輯:信息中心 撰稿:楊明坤,翻譯:程小彬
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